longlivevanderjesus said:
My head canon is that Spoby become engaged and Spencer throws 110% of her effort into planning the wedding but it becomes so stressful that they elope halfway into the engagement.

oh mY GOD yes i can TOTALLY see this happening too ♥

Anonymous said:
Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate

thank you daw !!!! ♥

Anonymous said:
Next prompts? And when they will be posted? Also love your work!!

 desjnefdjfnfe idk honestly! i need to update my multi fics and i’m in school now so i don’t have as much time to waste  as i did during the summer :( and i was already sucky with updates then!!!!!!!! 

and also i’m working on #7 for my 100 prompt challenge so that might come soon? i’m half way done with it so

but idk maybe wednesday??? probably not tomorrow but 

THANKS :)))))))0)0))

ezrafitzgerld said:

shhhhhhhh i have a secret hate blog about them shhhh don’t tell anyone but omg i know

Anonymous said:
OK so the tags on the gif set that you just posted are literally exactly how I feel OMG. Like I don't know why you put that's probably not what happened at the end cuz seriously!!! That scene is everything and the way you described it was perfect

ahahahah tumblr actually cut a bunch of that off :( it’s annoying ??? hahaha like i actually had a lot more tags ::((( i’m insane, i know

but AHHHHHH i just, to quote lucas from oth, i feel like that was a moment of CLARITY for spencer, like???? YES toby is the person she would run to ??? like he is the person she wants solace from? and like she cares for him? and like idk?!!?!?!?! like it was such a precious moment because i juST FEEL LIKE ITS WHEN THEY BOTH KNEW that they could never go back to being friends because like…….. REALIZATION like realization that this is something special and that they are MORE and that they are important to each other and ??? idek

???? so there is something wrong with my wifi and it’s really REALLY pissing me off

Anonymous said:
Imagine spoby on wedding day though like Spencer's all giggly and grinning and Toby's got that cute little shy smile and when they finish the 'I do's and kiss he pulls back and he's got the crying-puppy look on his face only he's smiling and it's just really cute and happy

okay SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO even before troian said that she thinks they would elope, i’ve always kind of have seen that too? and once troian said it, it’s LIKE ????? somewhat canon?? like not REALLY but yes because troian rulez and is magical and shhhhh troian owns the world so??? like yeah sorry marlene but

but anyways so YEAH when i think of them on their wedding day like MOST of the time, i picture them eloping and spencer is wearing a simple, but not so simple dress///////?? and it’s really elegant and beautiful like she is and is wearing some little veil that her nana wore or something???? and like idk like ??? or i see them having a very small wedding that is in some beautiful little chapel or like on the top of some hill or like ??? idek but ??? it’s all cozy and vintage stuff ??? and like wow ??? but anyways, like !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like they’d have a very simple wedding?? if they would not get eloped??? idk I JSUT DO like ???????? spencer grew up with huge parties and shit and like she doesn’t need that so it’s small and toby couldn’t give a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah

but like !!!!!!!!!!!!! idk like ???? ugh thinking about them getting married could be enough to like send me to a mental center like i?????? like omgggggggggggg just imagine the way they would look each other like there is nothing i could even SAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY like edcsnjds ??? idk like them looking at each other makes my heart burn

Anonymous said:
*fangirls obsessively over your fics*

*grabs your face* 

I LOVE YOU edsjxnjefdsnjsnjdendjwdnjdwwe :’))))) omg no, you don’t even get how much this means to me ♥

Anonymous said:
*whispers* spoby




Sometimes I wonder how big my dick would be if I were a guy

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Anonymous said:
I can't believe it took 7 days for it to really hit me that the last word Spencer and Toby spoke in season 5A was each other's names...

omg that’s amazing

i hadn’t even thought of that like wow that’s incredible???? god bless the world????? this beautiful, amazing world??? how wonderful??? that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow idk that’s just so special

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