Dear, Meagan


So, I know this sucks…but I don’t know how to life. But, okay seriously: happy birthday! You are one of my best friends on here, and one of the best reasons about tumblr. You are seriously such an amazing person and friend, and you listen to all my shit, and I just love you so much. You make me laugh and cry, and you hate me because of many reasons such as 1) i made you watch AHS and you were introduced to violate 2) i call you Megan without the first A a lot 3) i just annoy you a lot inĀ general, but we are still best friends for life, whether you like it or not. I always make these things way too long than they should be, but basically YOU MY BITCH FOR LIFE, you’re the rocking to my chair, and the shoulder to cry on for wrenna (THEY WILL PREVAIL) and basically everything else.

ok, well I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I hope your birthday is amazing <3

with love,


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